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Industry 4.0

For many years we have been working with our customers to implement successful projects in the field of digitization and testing technology, regardless of whether it is machine, device or complex plant construction, the discrete production of products or process manufacturing. With our self-developed and patented products, such as the edge.UNIFYOR, and Professional Services, we achieve quick and sustainable success for you.

As part of digitization, we enable lean edge connectivity and harmonization of all devices, systems, software systems and other existing data sources from any manufacturer. Through a bidirectional data exchange from the local field level through the company level to the cloud, we create a reliable database of high data quality for all subsequent systems and processes that can be called up and used in real-time dashboards.

Are you already on the path to Industry 4.0?

Design individualized solutions

What should your smart factory look like?

In close cooperation with your team, we create and implement solution concepts tailored to your needs. We aim for a software architecture that takes into account all aspects, from acquisition to storage of the data, through holistic data management. We are particularly strong in the following areas:

  • Data exchange with existing systems, e.g. MES, GLT or ERP
  • Real-time control / regulation with the edge.UNIFYOR
  • Visualizations of operating data and process data
  • Applications for entering and editing quality data
  • Specific parameterization of devices and systems, e.g. Direct Numerical Control (DNC), labels, cameras
  • Predictive data analyzes based on given questions, e.g. key figures or OEE, using predictive analytics
  • Automation of evaluations, pattern recognition or regression analysis through Big Data

Your advantages of a digitized production

The digitization of production and the resulting increasing degree of automation are reducing incorrect entries and incorrect productions, which leads to an efficient production process, less use of raw materials and fewer returns when checking goods. We attach great importance to the topic of cybersecurity, especially when integrating systems, e.g. with outdated operating systems or missing security updates.

With our products edge.UNIFYOR and edge.SHIELDOR we enable a safe and modular integration of all systems and systems without any loss of convenience during use. In this way, you can always ensure a high product quality in your production in compliance with standards; from development to delivery.

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Increase the Efficiency and Profitability of Your Production

Rethinking industrial test benches for your production

Test technology for various applications, that is convincing

As in the automotive sector, we offer individual solutions for the delivery or modernization of industrial test benches. From conception and planning, through implementation and commissioning, to long-term support and maintenance of the test benches.

Using high-quality hardware components, patented software for modeling systems and our many years of experience, we can offer you manual or automated test benches with flexible and freely programmable processes, hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) with real-time requirements, test benches for specialized requirements or even final offer of-line test benches.

Talk to us and find out how you can get the best out of your production - get started with Industry 4.0 now.

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