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Building technology and building automation:
Data is the key to success

Increasing urbanization and steadily advancing digitalization give rise to diverse and continuous innovations in building technology and automation. The design of cities is becoming more technological, sustainable, and smart. This requires a connected, efficiently used and, in some cases, redesigned infrastructure, whether it´s in energy and health care, mobility, or in building technology and automation.

For the field of building technology, new challenges arise to optimize existing processes and at the same time focus on maximum functional security and IT-Security. We have been facing these challenges for over 25 years and have put together a modular, market-tested portfolio with a focus on data connectivity and control that will help you implement a customer-oriented and value-adding overall solution.

Is your building infrastructure

Data connectivity for your added value

Do you already use individual applications for your building management?

In the field of building technology, we develop integrated, sustainable problem solvers to connect different technologies the smart way. In addition to specializing in data collection, transfer, and processing by connecting all players through our edge.UNIFYOR, we develop individual, intelligent applications.

These modular solutions offer the flexibility and dynamics required for optimal system operation, or to specifically manage any media such as water, electricity, and heat within the building automation ecosystem. In addition to individual development projects, we also offer consulting and design services, as well as extensive training on our product portfolio within our Professional Services Department.

Data Acquisition and Data Control

By using technologies for intelligent data acquisition and control mechanisms, we help you reduce the complexity of building technology by making your data transparent and manageable. The edge.UNIFYOR enables you to regulate actuators and sensors at strategic points in your network, together with central or decentralized controllers.

Because of our extensive protocol portfolio, we can connect a variety of different components to the line network. Convince yourself of how easy the transition towards digital building management can be, and discover the great customer and business benefits that await.

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Control your data strategically and consistently save resources
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