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With the advancement of vehicle development, the requirements and the complexity of vehicle test bench technology are both increasing at the same time. Thus, new approaches in driver guidance technology for test and certification drives are required. Our driver's aid cbb ergo.DRIVE, developed for road simulation, has an ergonomic human-machine interface and can be implemented as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated component in an entire automation process. The typical application examples are emission certification, fuel consumption measurement, transmission optimization, cooling performance analysis and braking force measurement.

First questions we ask in this context

Can you already connect your driver's aid to a quality system?
Does your driver's aid have an ergonomic human-machine interface?
Can your driver's aid be trained using GPS recorders?

Reliable and innovative driver control technology

cbb ergo.DRIVE has been adapted to the ergonomic needs of the test driver and the test tasks for standard applications of emissions certification as well as for new areas of application such as transmission and brake system optimization. In this way, a test driver can carry out his tasks for a long time in a concentrated and relaxed manner.

In the area of visualization, our solution has been extended to include important functionalities without having to forego the standard functionalities and interfaces. The GPS recorder of the cbb ergo.DRIVE enables you to train a driver's aid. By including real road and environmental data in the driver's aid, the reality can be mapped precisely in an existing system. cbb ergo.DRIVE is currently in use by multiple renown manufacturers in the German automotive industry.

We support the latest test procedures

The RDE driver's aid for driving on the road

Generate meaningful and reliable results

Our RDE driver's aid is used in conjunction with measuring and testing systems. While the measurements are taking place, the RDE driver's aid ensures that the test driver adheres to the defined route in practice. The RDE driver's aid simplifies the handling and evaluation of mobile measuring and testing systems. In this way, the solution supports the early detection of potential errors in emissions tests and the best possible avoidance of manipulation.

The measurements of the test systems and the subsequent evaluation of the data by the RDE driver's aid device allow exhaust systems to be examined in real operation on the road and meaningful results to be achieved under real conditions. Incorrect laboratory values on roller test stands become a thing of the past. In addition, the RDE driver's aid enables the early detection of inadmissible used disconnection devices on any vehicle model.

Technical Features of the cbb ergo.DRIVE