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Connect everything with everything using the cbb edge.CONNECTOR

If you follow current trend studies, the next generation of system integration will implement OPC-UA from the control level upwards. This enables the detailed use of data from a wide variety of sources, which in turn leads to improved analyzes. In addition, this enables production to be optimized across plants and with a holistic view of the supply chain.

First questions we ask in this context

Do your systems and plants have many different hardware and software components?
Are your systems and plants from different manufacturers and from different years of construction?
Are all your systems and plants integrated into your existing infrastructure and are data visible?

Create corporate value from data

Many industrial companies want to keep their IT infrastructure leaner and want standardized interfaces. The data is generated by different controls from different manufacturers and integrated into MES solutions. Every machine in a line should be MES-capable or also be able to communicate with one another, regardless of the year of construction and communication protocol. Central communication between all machines and systems must be created for this.

With the cbb edge.CONNECTOR we offer a suitable solution for use in the Industry 4.0 environment to connect all existing machines and systems and others to the MESystem as well as to software platforms such as SAP. Distributed installation of the lean software gateway on the mostly existing operator terminals of the MESystem and the direct connection of the MES clients builds a harmonized software architecture that enables you to create company values from your data.

How digital is your infrastructure?

Highly applicable because of interoperability

Use your data
to create value

In its core function, the cbb edge.CONNECTOR offers a decoupling of the data acquisition; no distinction is made between data from protocols, sensors, hardware, machines or systems. The collected data is abstracted in real-time and each aggregated data point contains the current value, a unit, a time stamp and a status. The data can then be prepared according to the application, e.g. for monitoring, analysis, scaling, conversions, limit value monitoring, the use of conditions or simply for logging.

Our patented cbb edge.CONNECTOR supports a variety of protocols such as Siemens PLC and OPC-DA / -UA. With broad interface integration and platform-independent use, we aim for a solution that is interoperable and can be easily integrated into your existing system without a vendor lock.

Technical Features of the cbb edge.CONNECTOR