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We have teamed up with our partner q.beyond AG to introduce EasyEdge: Connect every device that you use in production - FAST, SAFE and EASY! Eliminate data silos that have built up and unify data from a wide variety of sources.

First questions we ask in this context

Do your systems meet the increasing complex technical and legal requirements towards production?
Are all your systems and plants integrated into your existing infrastructure, and is your data visible and accessible?
Are you able you standardize the diverse data from a wide range of devices, machines, and systems?

Rethinking the connectivity of industrial machines

EasyEdge offers you an innovative edge computing infrastructure solution for the comprehensive digitization of your products and services. The plug-and-play SaaS solution, which can be used globally, enables users from the manufacturing sector to connect industrial machines and to collect, evaluate and process real-time data from production. In doing so, the solution breaks down data silos that have arisen from isolated solutions, and creates a uniform basis for a distributed data exchange.

Due to the interoperability of our solution, existing systems can be easily expanded, using various interfaces. With its integrated security, EasyEdge also offers protection against cyberthreats, an ability which has become indispensable in view of the rapidly increasing number of cybercrimes.

Five quick steps towards a digital production environment

cbb EasyEdge solution overview
Data transparency: quick and easy to deploy in your production, too

To upgrade machines and systems for Industry 4.0, we will show you how EasyEdge can help you digitize your production in five steps:

  1. Establish connectivity: Use the edge gateway / device to ensure that your systems are securely connected
  2. Harmonize and merge machine protocols: Read out a wide variety of protocols with the cbb edge.UNIFYOR deployed on the EasyEdge
  3. Save data locally: Save production data on the Edge Gateway for further use
  4. Create transparency: Use local dashboards to show relationships and identify anomalies
  5. Learn from data and draw conclusions: Use data analysis to design individual control systems, based on methodologies such as regression analysis

Thanks to the any-to-any connection, the standardization of various protocols and the provision of data in real time, you´ll be able to eliminate data silos in in a breeze while at the same time adding transparency and control to your production!

The new Industrial Edge Connectivity brochure is here

Download our new cbb EasyEdge brochure here and find out how easily you can take your first steps towards digital production and the Smart Factory.

Your advantages at a glance


The middleware can be configured online and offers restrictively controlled remote access

Fast & safe

Machine data is recorded, standardized, and securely transmitted in microseconds


Resource planning is optimized by the real-time data made available in the ERP system

Looking ahead

Production-related downtimes are reduced to a minimum thanks to predictive maintenance
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Your personal contact

Bernd H. Knust
Senior Sales Manager
E: bernd.knust@cbb.de
T: +49 451 39771130