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Following on from our cbb product portfolio, we have developed three accelerators that are based on established software modules and offer additional functionalities in the areas of production, energy management and test bench automation. These software modules aim to shorten your time-to-market and at the same time allow you a high degree of customization.

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Digitization, Automation and Analysis in Manufacturing

Current Drivers of Digitization in Manufacturing

Individual solutions in manufacturing, such as wearable technologies, are a first step towards digitization. However, the door to Industry 4.0 is only opened by linking various technological components within the value chain. Current requirements for manufacturing companies are diverse; Minimizing analog and digital set-up times, increasing the ability to plan in order to produce more flexible or executing maintenance without production downtime, just to name a few.

At the same time, customer expectations increase exponentially in times of great information transparency on the part of consumers. The possibility of producing "batch size one" opens up new levels of customization for products and services for the manufacturing industry. It has been shown that products and services, particularly based on data-supported approaches and digitized production processes, are establishing themselves dominantly on the market.

It is all the more important to develop a well-thought-out and uniform concept for the digitization of a production facility, taking into account the specifics and peculiarities of each individual system. Use our 25+ years of experience to jointly design and implement a solution for your personal step in the digitization of your production.

cbb Solution Approach

With our digital accelerator cbb.AURIGA we offer you flexibility and efficiency in your production. By merging digital reality with your physical infrastructure, we enable you to visualize your plant park uniquely to your requirements:

  • Use individualized cockpits and dashboards to monitor a wide variety of systems and processes
  • Get the best out of your production with automatic machine parameterization
  • Harmonize your production processes and disentangle processes on the horizontal and vertical production level

Whether machine connectivity, legally compliant data acquisition or transparency in production processes: cbb.AURIGA in conjunction with the cbb edge.CONNECTOR offers you insights into your production, optimizes your operations and provides an overview of the complex processes. Due to the interoperability with other systems, our solution can be implemented quickly and easily. Talk to us and see for yourself!

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Energy Management and Analysis

Energy Management Challenges

Societal and legal requirements for companies are increasing and topics such as energy management and efficiency are becoming more and more important. However, collecting data from all individual actuators can be tedious and time-consuming.

On the basis of the cbb edge.CONNECTOR, we connect a wide variety of sensors, actuators and systems / machines to record the respective energy data and to meet your individual requirements. All data is automatically recorded and stored in a database. The data is automatically processed and checked for plausibility. This data can then be used for your requirements, such as billing or limit value observations. With this solution, you can visualize and export your data in real time at the push of a button.

cbb Solution Approach

Our accelerator cbb.LIBRA offers you an energy management solution that can significantly reduce the energy consumption of your expenses. All measurable media from building technology can be processed in cbb.LIBRA, e.g. electricity, water, heat, cold, compressed air, steam, heating oil, diesel, etc. By digitally recording the energy data, you receive valuable information and a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption.

Important functions of cbb.LIBRA, such as detailed management of the measuring devices, groupings, limit value observations, formation of key figures or cost calculations, support your certification according to ISO 50001. The system is not limited to pure data acquisition, but also enables connectivity, control and regulation of different producers and consumers.

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cbb ergo.TEST

Test Bench Automation for Consumer and Industrial Products

Rethinking Test Bench Automation

Increasing demands on testing technology and increasing complexity of the test benches require new approaches and methods for test and certification examinations. With cbb ergo.TEST, theoretical simulations and tests of automation scenarios can be built up and understood step by step in order to theoretically map the complexity and counteract it.

In combination with a commercially available simulation software, such as MATLAB or LabVIEW, a complete individual laboratory station can be set up. This enables industrial control technology to be experienced, tested and rethought to meet new requirements.

cbb Solution Approach

cbb ergo.TEST is a laboratory system for control, measurement, automation and testing technology. With this system, industrial process automation and control can be simulated, developed and optimized very quickly.

The components of the test equipment, in combination with simulation software (e.g. MATLAB, Simulink), form a complete development environment. With cbb ergo.TEST you can work under Microsoft Windows without having to use additional real-time environments. In addition, with this system, simulation and testing of automation scenarios can be set up in a step-by-step manner that is easy to understand and can be practically reproduced.


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