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According to a current Bitkom study, 3 out of 4 companies fall victim to cyberattacks such as data theft, industrial espionage or sabotage each year. In Germany alone, the damage caused by such attacks amounts to EUR 100 billion a year, caused, for example, by replacement measures, legal disputes, patent infringements and defaults. Regular security updates that are guaranteed over the entire term of service are required for optimal protection of machines and systems. However, as the runtime increases, the effort required to provide these updates will increase as well.

First questions we ask in this context

How safe are the older parts of your system and machine infrastructure?
When did your systems / machines receive their last security update?
In the event of a total failure, how high would your overall damage be?

First steps: prevent uncontrolled data streams

Our solution for these increasing security requirements is the edge.SHIELDOR, which has been developed and tested over many years and protects industrial machines from inside and outside attacks, both. By using exclusively required services, and the segmentation and monitoring of these services, the network of machines / systems (OT-network) and the higher-level network (IT-network) can be successfully separated from each other. This strict demarcation line serves to prevent any uncontrolled exchange of information.

Obsolete and insecure protocols are being secured by converting them into up-to-date secure protocols. The advantage of this procedure is that the units to be protected behind the gateway can be operated without interruption, as security will be guaranteed by the gateway. This way, you can operate a greater number of complex and outdated without updating (inventory protection). Not only are common industrial protocols supported, but also administrative services and protocols.

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Are your data safe?

Next steps: manage your data successfully

Digitize your systems, protect your networks and get the most out of your data!

The data exchange takes place via our edge.UNIFYOR the corresponding protocols. All required data is being read from the source protocol and broken down. In addition, the edge.SHIELDOR offers an automated software update process with a configuration interface. A web status interface enables web services, machine status, logging, and user authentication with access authorization to be called up by users regardless of their location.

The entire network topology is concealed from attackers, so that if a subnetwork is compromised, there is no possibility of accessing any other units located behind the gateway. In addition to the unrestricted use of all machines and systems, the edge.SHIELDOR guarantees the long-term safety of your machines and systems.

Application examples and technical data at a glance

Application examples

The Solution Brief for the edge.SHIELDOR showcases some practical application examples: Learn about the product's advantages when deployed in a wide variety of application scenarios, such as file or screen transfers from IT to OT.

Technical features

Download our new data sheet for the edge.SHIELDOR and discover all technical details of the product, supported protocols and ports, data transfer options and the associated support.