MES Hydra

HYDRA meets all the requirements of a modern MES, complying with VDI 5600, and is therefore a synonym for vertical integration between the technically geared production level and the more commercially directed ERP or management level. Additionally, HYDRA offers people working in the production environment relevant information, evaluations and planning functions for production, HR and quality management. HYDRA functions are also available on the go: Collected data is available on mobile devices and the user can immediately react if necessary.

Find out more about the advantages offered by the new MES generation: HYDRA 8 incorporates multiple new functions which are easy to use and adaptable to new requirements. The new and modern layout of the GUI allows a quick access to important information.

An overview how HYDRA can be used successfully you will find on the MPDV-Homepage.


HYDRA 8 - the New Generation of MES

Working with a powerful Manufacturing Execution System (MES) a company will master adverse situations like an increase in demand or machine failure, without difficulty. MPDV introduces the first system of a new MES generation: HYDRA 8. Currently it is the system on the market with the most applications and functions and represents an MES which can be used flexibly across all sectors of industry.