cbb Volans - Energy and Media Solution

With rising customer demand for products and services, energy intensive industries face new challenges in reducing energy and costs to ensure profitability and competitive advantage.

Optimizing processes and equipment at plant level is the first approach to improving energy efficiency. Companies who can additionally manage their energy and utilities demands by measuring, forecasting and monitoring have a greater chance at profitability and sustainability. Moreover, environmental compromise to reduce CO2 emissions, obligations with customers and guarantee in quality all by increase in energy efficiency has become the goal of each modern company.

The Energy and Media Solution is a simulation software that consists of an energy balance model which simulates complex behaviors and dynamic interactions of integrated industrial processes to assist in a more effective planning of energy and utilities.

By simulating different production scenarios, the scheduling module allows for optimization of electric energy generation and minimization of the consumption of fuels and utilities through the scheduling of plant operations, shutdowns or maintenance periods to find the optimal operational strategy of the plant.

Possibilities of our modular and scalable EMS:

  • On- and offline acquisition of process data
  • Modulation and simulation of complex processes
  • Planning of maintenance intervals
  • Consumption and cost forecasts
  • Analysis of production and consumption
  • Reduction of material and energy costs
  • Various other options