cbb Synergy - Energy Management System (EnMS)

  • Systematic acquisition of energy flows
  • Visualization and analysis of: electricity, gas, heat, air, water
  • Identification of potentials for energy optimization
  • Monitoring of energy performance indicators, reporting, and document management
  • Alarm and error management (for example peaks and reduced consumption)
  • Management of consumption points (cost center distribution)

Basis of the energy management system (PDCA cycle)

The energy management system - cbb Synergy, will guide you through all laws / regulations and standards such as

  • ISO 50001
  • Special compensation scheme EEG
  • Tax relief under § 9b StromStG
  • Electricity tax according to § 10 StromStG (peak balance)
  • Exoneration from the energy tax according to § 55 EnergieStG
  • Funding opportunities for Energy Management Systems