cbb Libra - Smart Metering

In this future oriented field we offer solutions for the short-cyclic (20 ms to 5 s) and long-cyclic acquisition of measured data from smart meters via broadband technology.

Within this field, we have developed a successful pilot project in cooperation with the utility company in Norderstedt, Germany.  The core technology used for this project is our in-house software and communication solution "SEDAC -SLC".

The basis of SEDAC -SLC is our middleware LabMap. Many customers of the utility company in Norderstedt are already benefiting from different time and load dependent tariffs, as well as from actual information about their consumption and costs.

Our solutions are characterized by:

  • Hardware and manufacturer independent architecture
  • Openness to technology
  • Scalability
  • Integral in other systems
  • Real-time tracking of consumption data
  • Extensibility

Based on the prompt acquisition and visualization of consumption data, a completely new kind of energy consumption in the sense of a personal "energy management" is possible.