cbb Gemini - Virtual Power Plant

In close cooperation with the Utility Company in Aalen and the ABGnova we have developed and successfully commissioned a "virtual power plant". A virtual power plant is the result of linking locally distributed (decentralized) energy plants (preferably wind and solar), co-generators, energy storage systems and energy consumers. This network is controlled by the central energy management system of cbb Gemini.

Most energy supplies are energy systems of small or medium scale power output. A virtual power plant combines all energy systems mentioned above to create a large scale energy system. Nuclear power plants, however, are central energy sources on a larger scale which supply a high number of consumers from one location.

In the course of the energy transition this means: If by 2020 all nuclear power plants are shut down, virtual power plants must be developed in return. By pooling energy systems, these virtual power plants will have the task of replacing, at least partially, the energy supply of large scale power plants.

Our virtual power plant, cbb Gemini, enables an efficient planning of the operating modes and operating times of decentralized energy plants. Criteria such as gas and electricity prices (spot market price, EEX) are considered to find the best operating efficiency of the system.

Our goal is to achieve a manufacturer independent and cost effective software platform for the remote synchronization of distributed energy plants, through the application cutting-edge components of the control and communication technology.