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Keep everything in sight - with the edge.ANALYZOR

Edge analytics is a key component in any (I)IoT or Industry 4.0 infrastructure. Smart and cost-efficient data acquisition and analysis make condition monitoring, process optimization, predictive maintenance, and performance management manageable. Access to the relevant data in a unified location, whether it be in the cloud or on-premise, is a basic prerequisite in order to achieve your company's own long-term business and to effectively control your production.


First questions we ask in this context

Do you have a real-time overview of all production-related data that is required?
Are you able to provide rapid response within your live production environment ?
Are you developing data-based measures that help increase your production efficiency?

One step ahead of the competition - thanks to edge analytics

The edge.ANALYZOR has been used successfully for years in the domains of recording signals and analyzing data points. It has been constantly adapted to meet the ever-growing market requirements. The edge.ANALYZOR enables the aggregation, correlation, and fusion of real-time data that is being generated by sensor-equipped systems, such as machines and devices. The solution serves as an analysis tool for the real-time recording, displaying and evaluating signals and process data that is being delivered from e.g. a PLC-controlled system.

A broad variety of sensors, actuators, systems, and machines are interconnected using our edge.UNIFYOR as a basis. Their signals are recorded in very efficient, binary log files, with an option to select a time or size configurability. The configuration and the subsequent evaluation of the data is carried out by signal analysis software. Within this software application, the signals can be selected, compared, and used for further purposes.

Do you already use your data in real-time to respond flexibly?

Use your data to create value

Get the most out of your data!

First, the individual signals to be scanned and recorded as well as their properties can be configured using an integrated signal editor. The subsequent evaluation of the data is carried out using signal analysis software. Within this software, the signals can be selected and compared. For further evaluation, functions are easily available, such as the overlapping of several signals for purposes of comparison, and there's a search function for selected periods and selected signals or logical links to support search functions.

Since the solution is manufacturer-agnostic thanks to the edge.UNIFYOR, it is not tied to any specific vendors or protocols. A cycle-precise real-time data acquisition with sampling rates of 10-20ms and fail-safe log files with ring buffer, indexing and compression provide a data basis that is accessible both offline and online. Use your data to set up extensive comparison and calculation functions and get the best out of your production with your data.

Functions of the edge.ANALYZOR

  • Visualization of all signals recorded
  • Multiple cursors for calculating the time and value difference
  • Overlapping of several signals for comparison
  • Search function for selected periods and selected signals
  • Search function for minimum, maximum, positive, or negative edge
  • Logical links to support search functions (AND, OR)
  • Save and load user profiles
  • Generate reports in PDF or JPEG format

And many more ...