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Focussing on Security and Digitization


Business digitization is advancing in stride, and the demand for solutions revolving around Industry 4.0 is steadily increasing. Both transformations imply the need for a comprehensive change to the automation and harmonization of processes. The key to success is digital communication with the exchange of data between systems and machines and the integration of automation into higher-level, secure IT-systems at its core. This product overview will give you a glance at our solutions, which are geared towards industrial digitization, automation, and harmonization.




edge.SHIELDOR protects your industrial machines from both inside and outside attacks. By using exclusively required services and by segmenting and monitoring these services, we´re able to create a demarcation line between the network of machines (OT-network) and the higher-level IT-network.

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edge.UNIFYOR is ideally suited to be deployed in a distributed data exchange to meet the growing requirements of innovative technologies, such as (I)IoT and cloud-based solutions. In order to achieve this, we decouple data acquisition from protocols, sensors, machines, and systems.

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edge.ANALYZOR has been used successfully for years to record signals from high-precision drive controls. This solution supports you in the error analysis of your systems as well as in the automated calculation of key figures and visualization of live data for ad-hoc analyses on self-updating dashboards.

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ergo.DRIVE can be implemented as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated component in an entire automation process for road simulations. The product was specifically made to fit to the ergonomic needs of the test driver for standard applications of emissions certification, as well as for new areas of application.

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