Initial situation

Industry 4.0 includes, among other things, intelligent plant components, machines and plants as well as IT systems that are networked with one another and informed about the relevant 'partners' with their skills.When rebuilding or converting plants, machines and components, all partners can react accordingly to the change.Changes are necessary, for example, in the embedded software of the field devices, in the program code of the controls, but also in higher-level IT systems such as MES.


These changes are often carried out manually today and are therefore time-consuming and prone to errors.In the context of Industry 4.0, the changes should take place (partially) automatically, similar to a USB interface and USB devices on the PC.However, the situation in the production environment is considerably more complex.All changes should be made Ā»secureĀ«. SecurePLUGandWORK considers different application scenarios at different hierarchy and complexity levels:
Application scenario: integration of component and machine (e.g. ball screw is integrated in the machine tool). Machine tool spindle multi-spindle head ball screw
Application scenario: integration of machine and system (e.g. individual modules are combined to form a washing machine) washing machine gripper tool magazine


The project enables the plug-and-work capability in the production-related software components throughout the various levels of the manufacturing hierarchy.This is done using open standards that are already used in industry today.Among other things, machines and systems are to be put into operation faster in the SecurePLUGandWORK architecture, and non-I4.0-communication-capable components are also equipped with I4.0 properties.This functionality is retrofitted with software developed in the project based on the OPC UA and AutomationML standards, as well as hardware in the form of a product memory.