Last updated: April 21, 2021

Rules of conduct for the company's employees

cbb software GmbH expects all employees to contribute to a positive atmosphere in the workplace through their behavior. The opportunity to get to know different nationalities, cultures and ways of thinking as part of operational cooperation is an enrichment for all employees. A positive climate supports the motivation of employees and forms the basis for sustainable business success.

Tolerance and respect for one another are fundamental beliefs of all employees. In addition, every employee is obliged to act responsibly and ethically. The dignity of each individual is to be respected. Mutual appreciation is based on inner conviction and is also expressed in the willingness to actively stand up for it. Only in this way an open, tolerant and cooperative work environment can be developed.

It is part of our self-image as a service company that business success, compliance with laws and regulations, responsibility for our employees and responsible interaction with one another are closely related. Accordingly, we have defined clear, comprehensible guidelines for these fields as a standard of behavior for all employees. Every cbb employee has to adhere to the cbb guidelines on information security. It is also important to ensure that statutory, regulatory, self-imposed and contractual obligations with regard to information security are complied with and that violations of any security requirements are avoided.

Essentially the points include:
  1. Workplace
  2. Communication
  3. Complaints system
  4. Behavior towards supervisors
  5. Discrimination and Harassment
  6. No Child labor
  7. Special protection for young workers
  8. No forced labor
  1. Appropriate remuneration for employees
  2. External representation
  3. Interior representation
  4. Internet access
  5. Environment
  6. Time management
  7. Compliance

on these subjects, that are presented in detail in this guideline and thus apply as an official order for all employees.


cbb software GmbH is a company that is in close contact with its customers. Since the majority of the business is related to the services sector, this results in a great "closeness" to the customer. There are frequent customer visits and presentations in all cbb branches. This guideline is intended to regulate behavior, also with regard to behavior in dealing with information security and "togetherness" in society, and to define procedures. These behaviors take effect immediately. This guideline has been made available to every employee (e.g. e-mail, intranet, ISO 9001, ISO 27001).

1. Workplace

Every employee is assigned a job in his or her branch. This can also be variable. If the employer is visiting to work in another branch, the employer will be assigned a job by the branch manager or his authorized representative. The workplace is not to be understood as a private sphere. The employer's right of direction (supervisors) means that there is always the right to have access to the materials at the workplace. The workplace must be tidied up daily after the end of the work (after work) in order not to make confidential work accessible to third parties (e.g. cleaning staff). Private utensils at the workplace, if available, must be kept locked in a lockable container. Important official materials are not to be locked in the private compartment (notebooks, cell phones, hard drives, ...). The lockable compartment must be provided with a sticker (private / name). Once the container is locked, no other employee has the right to open this compartment. At the instruction of the management (and superiors), the employee has the duty to open the locked compartment. In this case, the employee must be present, unless there is imminent danger.

2. Communication

All employees have to maintain an appropriate, objective tone. Disparaging remarks about colleagues are forbidden. Discrepancies between colleagues are not expressed in front of third parties (customers) or communicated in any other form.

3. Complaints

In the event of disagreements between employees or in the event of unfair treatment, the route must be followed through the direct supervisor (e.g. employee complaint to team leader, team leader to branch manager, branch manager to management). In the event of complaints about superiors, the next higher superiors should be addressed. The supervisor is obliged to handle the reported process.

4. Conduct towards colleagues and superiors

Supervisors in the sense of cbb are team leaders, branch managers and the management / owner. An appropriate, respectful tone should be chosen when dealing with superiors and colleagues. The instructions of the supervisor are to be followed.

5. Discrimination and Harassment

Any form of discrimination is unacceptable; According to Art. 3, Basic Law and Art. 21, Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, all employees may not be disadvantaged or preferred because of their gender, their origin, their race, their language, their homeland and origin, their beliefs, their religious or political views as well as being disadvantaged because of their disability. This applies to the application phase and the duration of the employment relationship. The presentation and distribution of pornographic content is also not approved.

6. No child labor

Any form of child labor will not be tolerated. Compliance with this principle is guaranteed beyond the legally stipulated minimum age of not less than 15 years, unless exceptions are granted in accordance with ILO conventions.

7. Special protection for young workers

Young employees have a higher degree of vulnerability. Particular attention must be paid to physical and mental health, as well as promotion. Employees under the age of 15 do not carry out any work that is hazardous to health or is in conflict with schooling. Employees under the age of 18 do not carry out any work that endangers health and are excluded from night work.

8. No forced labor

Any kind of forced labor is strictly prohibited. This also includes the prohibition on forcing employees to continue working by withholding salaries, benefits, property or documents. Work is done on a voluntary basis. Before starting work, every employee receives a written employment contract. The deposit of a deposit or identification documents is not required. Employees have the right to terminate their employment relationship at any time, taking into account the notice period specified in the employment contract. Termination does not result in any penalties or wage deductions.

9. Appropriate remuneration for employees

The appropriateness of the remuneration must be guaranteed through the legally binding minimum wages and social benefits. In addition, the remuneration standards resulting from collective bargaining must be observed. These measures are intended to ensure appropriate remuneration to enable a decent life for the employee and his family. Payment intervals, but at least once a month. Deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure are excluded. Employees are granted statutory social benefits.

10. External representation

When the employee works at customers / potential customers on site, clothing appropriate to the occasion must be selected (e.g. shirt and jacket). During conversations, comparisons of behavior, derogatory remarks to third parties and the hint of internal business matters are not to be omitted. Furthermore, no negative statements about cbb are to be made in customer discussions.

11. Internal representation

Appropriate clothing should be chosen in the workplace. A dress code only applies to customer presentations (see point 10). Summer clothing in the sense of "flip-flops" is forbidden.

12. Internet access

Private internet use during working hours is not permitted. This is only allowed during the breaks provided. In general, the Internet serves as a work support for research and other procedures. Access to "criminal" sites is absolutely forbidden.

13. Environment

The garbage is separated in all branches. Depending on the federal state, separate garbage bins are available to employees. Any rubbish must be disposed of appropriately by each employee.

14. Time management

For meetings, presentations, events, customer visits or jour fixes, ... every employee has to ensure that he or she has to appear 05-10 minutes before the respective appointment. In the case of presentations that run via a screen presentation, the equipment must be set up in good time, but always before the customer visit.

15. Compliance

cbb software GmbH undertakes to work in a way that conserves resources and the environment, does not participate in corruption in any way and does not permit any employment in precarious employment relationships or child labor. Minor gifts from customers to employees of cbb with a value of less than EUR 20 p.a. are not subject to approval. All other considerations from customers to cbb employees must be approved by the management. In the event of discrepancies, the cbb management should be contacted.

This Code of Conduct enters into effect immediately.

Signed on April 21, 2021:
Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inf. Benjamin Pieritz (Managing Director)