We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Here are some tips to make sure we see the best in you:

Types of application

At cbb software you can apply by email or post, but we strongly prefer applications by email since we can respond more quickly to emailed applications.

Please send your email application to jobs(at)

You may also post your application to one of the following addresses.

For Lübeck:
cbb software GmbH
Isaac-Newton-Straße 8
23562 Lübeck

For Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart:
cbb software GmbH
Mittelweg 2
38106 Braunschweig

Application documents

No matter which way you choose to apply, we expect completed application documents. Please send them as pdf if you chose to send your application by email.

Your application is complete when you have attached the following papers:

  • Motivational letter

In your motivational letter you should characterize why you would like to work with us and specify why you are the person that we need at cbb software. We are also interested to know how you heard about us and where you found our vacancy.

Please feel free to tell us if you’re also interested in working at one of our other locations (Lübeck, Brunswick, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart) if the position you applied to has already been filled. We would also like to know the date you can start to work at cbb software.

If you want to do vocational training or write your thesis at cbb software, please tell us your subject area.

Basically you should assure us of your qualification and arouse our curiosity!

  • Curriculum vitae 

Your CV should be complete and ordered chronologically to inform us about the most important periods of your life like school, university/college and working experiences. Please name every kind of certificate you achieved during school and university/college time.

Do not hesitate to use the “third page” – this is where you can give us information about things you could not name in your motivational letter or CV but where you think they could affect your application in a positive way. It could be an activity at a previous place of work, a certificate for voluntary services or to explain gaps in your CV.

  • Diploma and performance record

Please include a scanned copy of your diploma. If you do not have a final degree yet, you can attach a current performance record. Do not sent us original documents but please check that your scans are easily legible.

  • Job references/ personal reviews

Please attach any job references and personal reviews from your current or previous employers. Again, please send scanned copies and not original documents but do make sure your scans are legible.

  • Additional qualification (optional)

If you have any other qualifications that could be relevant for your job at cbb software do not hesitate to attach scanned copies of certificates or personal reviews to your application.