How we work

We pride ourselves on producing consistently high-quality work, which we achieve with a combination of skilled employees and our core values: reliability, integrity, flexibility, motivation and teamwork. We draw upon and refer to these throughout our day-to-day decision making and workflow.


Our work is characterized by a high rate of constancy, clarity and honesty. Our customers have trust in us and are able to rely upon us 100%.


Our bureaucracy-free corporate structure gives us a powerful advantage in adapting to unforeseen situations and requests for modification in a quick, solution-oriented and flexible way, with no red-tape or power-politics to get in the way.


We are fortunate to have a wide range of diverse and challenging projects to work on, providing our employees with a high degree of independence and creativity in their work. Our employees are characterized by their strong commitment to the company and their projects.


We are particularly proud to be a team. Mutual assistance is a matter of course at cbb; we believe that taking time to help one another builds a better work environment. Each of our employees is aware that he or she can accomplish a lot by himself/ herself, but the added value from working in a smoothly-functioning team is priceless.


In addition to an attractive remuneration package and a diverse range of challenging responsibilities, teamwork is a central point of working at cbb software. Working together, sharing experiences and supporting one another are important concerns throughout the company – as we believe that having fun and developing new ideas together are integral parts of a successful work environment. The following measures are a matter of course:

  • Challenging and diverse responsibilities

Your working day will never be boring. Each activity is designed to make the most of your technical knowledge, creativity, and personal responsibility, encouraging your professional development.

  • Quality

Our employees excel at producing extremely high quality work - benefit from the knowledge of your colleagues and teach us something new from your own skill set!

  • Attractive remuneration

We want to make sure that you will get a generous, performance-based remuneration package with good prospects for salary increases to honor your work and development throughout your career with us.

  • Pension plan

Advanced in age, advanced in skills – we take care of our employees. For this reason we offer a company pension plan to every employee.

  • Professional Development

You’ll be working at the cutting-edge of technology, defining the future for the rest of the industry - so we need to keep your technical knowledge up-to-date through your career. We place a high value on continual professional and personal development, especially when requested by our employees.

  • Regular individual meetings

We appreciate and recognize your abilities – nobody at cbb software is a cog in the machine. Our managers conduct frequent individual meetings with every employee to give you a chance to discuss your individual and social needs and to get one-on-one feedback on your work and successes.

  • Flexible Working hours

We are aware that you are not a robot! Flexible working hours are standard at cbb software.

  • Work, family and leisure in balance

Satisfaction leads to good performance. Once your work gets out of balance with your private life it affects your job performance – we will do everything we can to help you maintain a healthy balance between work and family life.

  • Pool of company cars

For out-of-office appointments and trips, take one of our company cars – there’s no need to use your own car for business purposes.

  • Site- specific and multi-site company events

Team spirit is fundamentally important. Our regularly-conducted events strengthen our “us” and help to integrate new members like you - we always have a lot of fun at our annual Christmas party for example!

  • Sport activities

To keep the work life balance many of us play a variety of sports together. There’s an annual Brunswick company run that’s a great day out for all of us, runners and supporters alike!